There are many manufacturers that claim to have the best hand dryers but often fall short once their products are put to the test. Dyson and Air Force hand dryers, for instance, are some of the go-to brands by many offices due to their already-established names. However, some of the owners of these hand dryers still switch to the ABIS Excel-9.

The ABIS Excel-9 is considered as the best hand dryer in the UK because of the features and specifications it has. Read on to find out some of them.

1. Powerful Motor

Ever since its launch in 2015, several business-owners sought the Excel-9 because of its motor – and many still look for this model up to this day. The Excel-9 is built with a powerful motor of 2,400 RPM. Because of this, using a paper towel to thoroughly dry your hands is no longer needed.

2. Durable Casing

Like many other objects, hand dryers are also subject to wear-and-tear. Preserving it, however, can be accomplished much easier when you buy the Excel-9. Its stainless steel casing is built to withstand blows and vandalism. Additionally, its durable casing also come in vibrant colours to fit every bathroom style.

3. Quick Drying Time

Hand dryers are supposed to be a more convenient alternative to paper towels because it dries hands faster and more effectively. But choosing a hand dryer that takes a while before you can thoroughly dry your hands is not only going to cause more traffic in your bathroom, it’s also going to cost you more in terms of electricity bills. The Excel-9 dries hands in 10 seconds – quicker than the leading hand dryer brands would.

4. Easy Installation

Having a hand dryer is no longer a luxury that only malls and sizable companies are equipped with. Nowadays, even small offices or businesses can have a hand dryer in their bathrooms too. The Excel-9 can be installed in less than 15 minutes – this saves you the worry of having to hire and pay an electrician to do it for you.

5. Automatic Air Temperature

The Excel-9 has an automatic air temperature that eliminates the need to adjust the temperature every now and then. Additionally, its 75 IMPS air spin is also considered as the most ideal speed.

While there may be a lot of hand dryers available to the market, only one is considered as the best in the UK. If you wish to purchase the Excel-9 or any other product that’s also proven to be effective and cost-efficient, visit ABIS.


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